Medieval manuscripts in Dutch Collections
Medieval manuscripts in Dutch Collections


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MMDC provides extensive links to other independent sites, but this policy and statement applies only to direct use of this website ( You will need to consult the providers of other websites for information on their policies.

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We would like to remind people that it is inappropriate to link to any one section of the website, or to embed a portion from our site internal to your own, since this obscures the nature of our web publication. If you have educational reasons, nevertheless, to need to do so, please contact us.

If data have been downloaded via this website from elsewhere, for example from databanks, the appropriate conditions apply.

When using text or images from MMDC, please cite the manuscripts by city, institution if appropriate, repository, and full call number as shown in this website (which will reflect the holding institution's own choice of format). In addition, citations must include the URL of MMDC itself, "". The holding institutions appreciate to be informed about (scientific) publications on their manuscripts.

Commercial use of MMDC or any of its component parts is forbidden; the individual holding institutions must be contacted if you wish to duplicate material for such purposes.

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek has made every reasonable effort to locate, contact and acknowledge copyright owners and wishes to be informed by any copyright owners who are not properly identified and acknowledged on this website so that we may make any necessary corrections.


Three types of images can be found on the website at this moment:

  1. Photographs and or/scans made by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek of the manuscripts in their own collection and the collection Meermanno, published on MMDC
  2. Photographs and/or scans made by other institutions and published on MMDC (and on their own website). The institutions are the copyright holders
  3. Photographs made by MMDC employees of manuscripts owned by other institutions, published on MMDC. The institutions are the copyright holders

Images may be viewed without copyright restrictions, but are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research. It is not permitted to reproduce them in any manner whatsoever, whether in printed or electronic form (databases and websites included) without prior written permission from the holding institution.

Images that are used in the links to other databases may also be viewed without copyright restrictions, the use of them (for personal or research) must be granted by the institution itself. Please be sure to obtain name and contact information for each institution. The contact person will inform you of photographic options and costs, which may differ from institution to institution.

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